Regulatory and Contract Compliance Services

Compliance with applicable legislation and contractual requirements is a fundamental business imperative. Non-compliance with applicable regulations can have negative consequences on a business (eg sanction or fines). Similarly, non-compliance with the terms of a contract can lead to disputes or breach of contract. What we have also found is that business relationships, and especially fee and commission structures, have become very complex. This leads to a number of business issues (eg disputes over the interpretation of clauses; incorrect fees and commissions being paid; non-delivery etc).

Appropriate regulatory and contract compliance is designed to ensure that a business does not fall foul of applicable regulations and its contractual obligations. At the same time it should ensure that the business’s contractual rights and entitlements are protected. 

The benefits of regulatory and contract compliance include:

A good compliance programme can impact positively on a business’s operations while ensuring that all applicable laws and regulations are adhered to.

Our compliance services focus on the following:

Fox Legal offers regulatory and contract compliance services helping to ensure that our clients comply with the required regulations and contractual obligations.

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